Works on environmental protection

Energomontaza d.o.o. has successfully realized the Contract and performed works on demolition of reinforced concrete and metal transmission lines owned by the Stock Company "Elektromreza Srbije".

During the realization, the total number of 36 abandoned tramsmission lines were removed out of which 31 reinforced concrete and 5 metal transmission lines, at locations of more EMS sections: Bor, Kruševac, Šabac, Belgrade and Valjevo.

The aim of the realization  was to remove the abandoned tramsmission lines built over 40 years ago, which had dilapidated and represented a threat of ruination and a potential danger for residents and objects in the immediate vicinity.

As an example of the socially responsible company we aspire to, we are referring to the situation that we have faced during the preparations for the demolition of one of the transmission lines in Sabac. During the preparatory works for demolishion of the transmission line number 3 at the DV 119, we noticed on the top of it the nest of white-roe (lat. Ciconia ciconia), strictly protected wild species based on the Rules on the proclamation and protection of strictly protected wild species. At our proposal, the investor AD EMS agreed to keep the transmission line, but to choose another instead of the planned one. On this occasion, we were grateful to the Institute for Nature Conservation of Serbia on the initiative and understanding for preservation the breeding grounds of the white species at the mentioned location.