During its development, by expanding the scope of activities of the highest quality and standards, Energomontaza has grown into a modern company specialized in realization of contracts with the ‘turnkey’ system in various segments.

A broad range of products and services which we offer through different lines of business is unique in the whole region and wider.

The quality of our services and products, logistics and more strictly defined actions of all work participants, is ensured according to ISO 14001 and ISO 18001 standard. This led to the significant increase of business efficiency and productivity, as well as the achieving of our ultimate goal – getting excellent reviews of our work by our business partners.

Kodar Group today covers all segments of Telecomunication and Power distribution business:

- Network Planning and Optimization
- Acquisition & Legal regulation
- Design
- Construction
- Installation
- Maintenance


The construction of a transmission line is one of the most technically complex activities of our company’s field of work. During its decades of work, Energomontaza has grown into a foremost company in the design, construction and supervision of power plants ranging from 0.4 to 400kV in Serbia. During its existence, it has built kilometres and kilometres of 0.4, 10, 20, 35, 110, 220 and 400kV transmission lines of all types following turnkey service system.

In addition, main activities in this part of our business operations are:
- Design, construction and overhaul of distribution facilities up to 400kW;
- Design, construction and overhaul of railway distribution facilities 110/25kV;
- Design, construction and overhaul of electrical substations up to 220kV;
- Electrification of new railway lines and replacement of equipment during the maintenance of existing contact network;
- Public and spotlight illumination of streets, sports and industrial facilities;
- Electrical installations and motor distributions in factory facilities;
- Installations in residential and commercial facilities (energy part and structural networks); 
- Lightning protection of facilities of any sorts


Energomontaza includes projecting and executing the most complex solutions in the filed of telecommunications, in the following aspects:

- Optical Transport Networks
- Classic TT networks
- Broadband coaxial networks
- Network of mobile operators
- Corporate networks


In times of general crisis, global warming, environmental pollution and shortage of energy, the man kind turned to renewable sources and 'green' life philosophy. Our company follows those trends by adjusting its business to 'green' standards. 
As a successful company with years-long tradition, we have matured into a socially –responsible firm and expanded our business to Renewable Energy Sources (RES). By careful analyses of the market, world and local trends, and by considering all the facts in the field of Renewable Energy Sources ( RES), in the beginning of 2011 we have decided to work on projects in the field of wind and sun energy. Today, by using our own resources and in cooperation with renowned and certified world companies, we are working on two projects. One is in the field of wind energy (40MW), in Eastern Serbia and the second one in the field of sun energy (1 MW), in Southern Serbia. We are convinced that, by working in the field of RES, we are contributing to better future in the best possible way, not only for us, but also for our children, because 'we don't inherit the Earth from our ancestors , we borrow it from our children'.


We have experienced engineering and assembly personnel for the solution of lighting tasks and carry out production, assembly and maintenance work of all types reliably even under difficult conditions. We do public and reflector lighting of:

- Streets
- Roads
- Sport facilities
- Industrial facilities
- Residential objects


Energomontaza has developed industrial production of metal constructions and equipment for different purposes. By obtaining the latest equipment for metal profiles and sheets processing, we are in the position to meet all the buyer’s demands regarding quality, quantity and deadlines, regardless of order size.

- Equipment for electric power plants
- Lattice steel structures 
- Various antenna steel structures for radio, television and mobile telephony antennas
- Joint railroad and traffic light poles
- Public lighting poles
- Numerous types of tin plate distribution boxes, etc
- Equipment for telecommunication plants
- Steel structures for railroad power supply network
- Metal constructions and locksmith products for building 
- Special objects for drying fruits, vegetables and herbs, running on solid fuel
- Market stands
- Construction waste containers