Another in a series of enterprises undertaken by Energomontaza concerning execution of electricity infrastructure was achieved in cooperation with ‘’EPS Distribution’’ in July this year.


Performance of works concerning the relocation of 400 kV transmission line for the purpose of building the future department store IKEA were brought to an end as per contract.


Energomontaza Belgrade was chosen by the road company from Pozarevac as the most favourable bidder for performing public lighting installation in order to improve the state road Belgrade-Pozarevac...


Energomontaza was chosen to be the optimal bidder on a tender announced by JP Elektromreza of Serbia, for – Work performing on reconstruction of OHL 110 kV no.


Tender for the main contractor for OHL 110 kV no. 104/2 Belgrade 5 - Belgrade 32 above Sava river was completed in the end of April, and Energomontaza’s bid was chosen to be the best one.